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Monday, May 24, 2010

Shocking I know!

Well, Just thought I would post an update that there will be more updates soon to follow with all of our new adventures here in Baton Rouge, it's been almost 2 months now that we've been here! Crazy how fast time goes by! We just moved into our new home a week ago and life has just fallen into place. I need to download all my pictures and then I can get some on here as well, but alas I have to run for now cause I still need to shower and then it's off to a friends to go over Girls camp stuff, cause yes, I am the new Camp director for our ward with camp next week! Will post something about that soon too!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Life does not change too much for us. We are still in our comfy little home that I really do love. We are so blessed! I was just thinking that I am so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life. I have the best family in the whole world who I love dearly. Troy and I were able to go to Henderson last weekend to see Josh, Holly and the kids! What a treat, Mom and Stan were there as well and it was just awsome! I have gotten better over the years at not getting extremely emotional when I have to say goodbye, but this last time I lost it. I guess it just really hit me what life is all about, and that is family and the memories you create. You could have all the money in the world, but it wouldn't do any good unless you could create amazing memories. My family is my world, For any of you who read this, please know that I love you dearly and I treasure every moment I have with you all!!!! This includes Troys family as well, what great people! Life is good when you have great people to share it with and to all my peeps, present - past - and future thank you for the memories and the goodness you have given me.
Just had to say that and that I love my Leo and Murphy!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Life is funny........ Does anyone remember the game Lemmings...where you dig tunnels and stuff and all the little lemmings follow each other? Well, I was driving the other day and thought.... oh my stars, I feel like I am in lemming land! Like when there is an accident, and it isn't even blocking any lanes of traffic yet traffic is backed up for forever just because we are all lemmings and have to look at what is going on!....... I have to admit though it is hard to do so, that I indeed am a lemming. I try not to look, and usually I don't and just get frustrated at all the other lemmings..........but I do look sometimes...........so I am a lemming. Now that I have admitted it, I am ready to take the next step........... Hello, my name is Heather and I am a lemming! (hehehe). The same goes for sporting events........do you ever go to a football game for instance and everyone starts to boo the ref and so you start booooing as well even though you have no clue why?........lemmingville..........or you vote for someone just because all of your friends and neighbors are voting for that person and you know nothing about the issues?...........lemmingville...........or you go and pick up some new leg warmers because InStyle Magazine says they are in, even though you have not worn them since the 80's and you still don't know what to wear them with.............lemmingville! Oh the wonderfull world we live in! Just some thoughts to chew on! ;0)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Two is a BIG change

My Life has been great, I have a wonderful hubby who I will be celebrating 3 years of marriage with on the 18th! We also have a wonderful little sheltie puppy (I call him puppy still yet he is almost 2) named Dr. Leo Marvin who we call Leo for short. Our family has been bliss, and this last Sunday we decided to bring an addition to our little family. Little miss Murphy ( who is a 4 year old sheltie) We are fostering cute little miss Murphy until she is adopted ( which to be honest if all goes well will probably be by us!) She is wonderful and we are having fun, also dealing with the challenges of having 2 kids now ( we call them our kids cause well, they pretty much are!) Now I know what people talk about when they say 2 are harder than 1! I am already tired and it's only been 2 days! Learning to give love equally to 2 is exhausting but so worth it all. I give applause to all who manage this great task! and I hope that I have the energy to keep up with it all!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

My today and Yesterday

I had the most wonderful adventure this last saturday with my best gal pal Jessie and her Cuz. We went snow shoeing up Immigration canyon here in UT. We headed out later in the day,but it was perfect, the sun was shining and not too cold. It was just so much fun being out with the girls again, I just soaked up every moment! Just seeing the sun shine off the neighboring mountains with a glow like jewels, the snow so crispy white, shimmering like diamonds, we slid down a steep hill and just had a blast. We were trying to find and old abandoned mine, but with all the snow, it proved not to be found. Instead we sat and ate snow like we did as children and shared time together. One the way back, coming around a corner about 50 ft ahead was a HUGE moose!!!! It was awsome, never have I seen such a huge wonder up close, we followed mr. moose for a time and then he was gone, only he was now staring at us from up the hill. So we hurried and got out of his way and just enjoyed the walk back to the truck. I loved every moment we had! So, much fun. I would tell of my today but I have left this note to finish for so long, I don't remember what my life was like!

I love Butterfly's